Welcome to Our Pharmacy

Bell's Family Pharmacy is a family owned and operated pharmacy serving the Tate and Marble Valley Area. Katie Bell and her team work hard to bring your family medication that you need, along with education about innovations in medicine, different disease states, and homeopathic knowledge. We want to help you make decisions by working with you and your doctor to find the best medication at an affordable cost, and optimal patient adherence.

Our History

Katie Bell grew up going to a small independent pharmacy where the pharmacist became more of a friend than just a health care provider. After working at a Big Box pharmacy for over 10 years, Katie felt that she was losing the reason she became a pharmacist. With a love of helping and talking to people, she knew the type of relationship that was missing in her career. She and her family fell in love with Tate, after visiting her aunt over the last 30 years in Nelson. After finding out the old Allred-Jordan Pharmacy was being brought back to life with renovations it was just the push she needed to open her own pharmacy. She and her sister Lindsey came up with a plan. Lindsey would open a custom antique store inside Katie's pharmacy, but Lindsey couldn't wait. She opened 53 Market in November 2017 next door to the pharmacy and her business started taking off. After the renovations at the pharmacy were close to being finished, Lindsey decided she couldn't move and make her store smaller. In stepped Katie's mom, Sherry, who retired from a career in IT to bring back the soda fountain. Katie and Sherry thought this was really what the people of Tate and Marble Valley wanted (toasted egg salad sandwiches anyone?!?).

Meet Our Staff


Katie Bell, PharmD