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Pharmacist Katie Bell standing in front of Bell's Family Pharmacy counter


Bell's Family Pharmacy is a family owned and operated pharmacy dedicated to providing the people of Tate and surrounding communities with high quality, personalized care. At our pharmacy, you're treated like family. Whether you speak with one of our pharmacists or a member of our team, we pride ourselves on providing you with the most helpful and accurate information regarding your prescription medications and wellness as a whole.


Phamacist Katie Bell

Growing up, Katie Bell went to a small independent pharmacy where the pharmacist soon became both a friend and a healthcare provider. After graduating, Katie began her career at a Big Box pharmacy. Ten years soon passed and she began to feel as if she was missing the type of personal relationships that made her fall in love with pharmacy in the first place.


The opportunity to open her own pharmacy arose when news spread that the old Allred-Jordan Pharmacy in Tate was undergoing renovations. Katie and her family had fallen in love with Tate after visiting her aunt in Nelson over the past 30 years, and the idea of opening her own pharmacy in a town she loved was too good to pass up.


Wanting to give back the community, Katie and her sister Lindsey hatched a plan to open the pharmacy with a custom antique shop inside, which would be run by Lindsey. Eager to begin, Lindsey opened 53 Market next door to the pharmacy in November of 2017. Lindsey's business began booming, and with the renovations at the pharmacy nearing completion, she decided that she couldn't move and make her store smaller. In stepped Katie's mom Sherry. After retiring from a career in IT, Sherry had the idea to bring back a sweetly remembered relic to the community- an old-fashioned soda fountain! 

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